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I have, been compiling the records of the men of 'Lowthers Lambs,' and have to date information on over 3600 of them. I am attempting to produce a biography of every soldier who was an original of the Southdown Battalions, my research will be available in DVD format in the near future. I would welcome any information, however trivial it may seem; some of the best research starts with a piece of trivia.

I am interested in purchasing or copying, letters, diaries, postcards, photographs, medals or any memorabilia relating to the 'Southdown Battalions'. 

    SD.117 C.Schwabe. Survived   SD.113 S.P.Shwabe. Killed 7.9.1918   SD.51 H.Diplock. Killed 21.4.1916   SD.47 S.Creasey. Killed 3.6.1916   SD.32 T.J.Ball Survived   SD.131 R.S.Welchman Died of wounds 13.9.1916   SD.81 R.Lower Killed 1.8.1917

    The Reality

  • SD.117  C.Schwabe.
  • SD.113  S.P.Shwabe.
    Killed 7.9.1918
  • SD.51  H.Diplock.
    Killed 21.4.1916
  • SD.47  S.Creasey.
    Killed 3.6.1916
  • SD.32  T.J.Ball
  • SD.131  R.S.Welchman
    Died of wounds 13.9.1916
  • SD.81  R.Lower
    Killed 1.8.1917
Officers and NCO's of 12th Royal Sussex
 "Officers and NCO's of the 12th Royal Sussex"
Bexhill. May 7th. 1915. Nelson Carter is second from the left. 
If you wish to obtain any further information about the men on this site, please contact me.