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Hopefully we have now sorted out all of the gremlins and, I should now be able to carry on adding the names to the battalions.

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As you can see my new website is now up and running with many thanks to the people at SME WebSolutions for their patience and professionalism in turning my ideas into an excellent site.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding more names to the " Battalions " pages but as there are over 3600 names it will take me a little time. If you have any questions, or information concerning the " Lambs " please contact me I will try to answer within three days but some times, as you will appreciate, it may take a little longer.

I have now completed all the names in 11th, 12th, and 13th, whose surname starts with the letters "A" and "B". The 14th. Battalion letters "A" and "B" will follow shortly. The numbers for the 14th, with just a few exceptions go from SD.4800 - SD.5945.

I have now started on the letter "C" they should be complete by first week in April.

On Saturday 28th. March the War Memorial in Hampden Park, Eastbourne is being re-dedicated after a wash and brush up, over half of the names on it are men from the Southdown Battalions. Service starts at 12.00.

I am sorry for the delay in updating the names, I have just moved house and dear old BT prematurely cut me off broadband and I have only just got back online. I will begin updating again this week.

3.9.2009. Three new names have been added to the 12th. Battalion in the last week. After new research I have found SD.2099 HARWOOD. Leonard, SD.2100 HEATON. Alfred and SD.2101 HERON. George who was a golf club maker at Cooden Golf Club. Bexhill. Sussex. More names will be added during the next week.

I have had several inquiries from people asking why their relative, who was in the Southdowns, is not on the list of a particular battalion. All of my men were original volunteers and were given the distinct SD before their regimental number. There were many other men who joined the battalions at a later date and were given a G/ number usually starting at around G/12000 and going on to well into G/18000. I am quite happy to help with these numbers but my information may be limited.

25.1.2011. Two completely new names have been added recently both men coming from the Pulborough area, they are SD.3311 James Carter and SD.3315 William Chandler.


Southdown Numbering

I have received an email from a person stating that I have put a man in the wrong Battalion. I have, and will be putting them all in their original Battalions, regardless of whether they were in it for two hours or two years. The numbering runs more or less, with one or two exceptions, like this,

11th. Battalion. SD.1 - SD.1200, SD.3800 - SD.3871, SD.3872 - SD.3968.

12th. Battalion. SD.1201 - SD.2453.

13th. Battalion. SD.2600 - SD.3799, SD.4000 - SD.4249.

14th. Battalion. SD.4800 - SD.5945.

The 14th. was mainly a feeder Battalion with men going to the Southdowns and also other Regiments.



Royal Sussex Regimental Association - Eastbourne Branch

The next meeting of the Eastbourne Branch is on Wednesday 6th. May, any ex Royal Sussex or Queensmen welcome, for details contact the Secretary Peter Wilmshurst on 01323 483924 or The Chairman Chris Rollason 01323 506012.

The next meeting of the Eastbourne Branch is on Wednesday 1st. July at the Ordnance Yard. Eastbourne at 19.45 hrs.

The next meeting of the Eastbourne Branch is on Wednesday 5th. August at the Ordnance Yard, Seaside. Eastbourne.

If you wish to obtain any further information about the men on this site, please contact me.