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Southdown Numbering

I have received an email from a person stating that I have put a man in the wrong Battalion. I have, and will be putting them all in their original Battalions, regardless of whether they were in it for two hours or two years. The numbering runs more or less, with one or two exceptions, like this,

11th. Battalion. SD.1 - SD.1200, SD.3800 - SD.3871, SD.3872 - SD.3968.

12th. Battalion. SD.1201 - SD.2453.

13th. Battalion. SD.2600 - SD.3799, SD.4000 - SD.4249.

14th. Battalion. SD.4800 - SD.5945.

The 14th. was mainly a feeder Battalion with men going to the Southdowns and also other Regiments.


If you wish to obtain any further information about the men on this site, please contact me.